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Team Rules and Expectations


Focus - Courage - Unity - Consistency - Chemistry - Teamwork


Players' Dress Code

All Patriots players are required to meet the following dress code.  Respecting each and every player’s personal identity is very important, which is why we let you, the players, choose your own numbers. Just as important, demonstrating team unity and consistency in uniform is not only required by the league, but is a show of strength and team spirit.

·   Patriots players have two uniforms: A white uniform for home games and a blue uniform for away games. The uniform consists of a jersey, matching socks, and a pants shell.  

·   You will have one helmet, red, free from unnecessary decals, symbols, and writings, except for the regulatory body identifications. A player’s number will be located on the back of the helmet and all players will have numbers that are consistent in size and color.

·   Pants will be covered with a Patriots shell. Inner legs cannot be cut.

·   Mouthpieces (Guards) are to be worm at all times while on the ice. No handcrafted items are allowed.

Pre-game and Travel Dress Code

As a member of the Potomac Patriots, you are required to wear a complete suit (including a tie) when arriving at and leaving from the rink for all games, both home and away.

Players traveling on the bus to Patriots games can wear a clean Potomac Patriots golf shirt or mockneck and a pair of khaki pants or Patriots warm-ups.

Equipment and Hockey Bag

You are required to have, with you or in your Patriots bag, the following items:  

·   Full gear in proper order, game-ready, no excuses.  Note: It is your responsibility to have your skates sharpened, keeping in mind that sharpening at away games is sometimes risky.

·   Two sticks at all times.   Black or white tape only on blade and butt. Player's number may be clearly and cleanly written on the front of the butt.

In Bag:

·     2 Rolls of clear plastic tape

·     1 Roll of black or white hockey tape (stick)

·     1 Extra pair of skate laces - white only

·     1 Towel for drying skates

·     1 Towel for personal use

·     1 Extra pair of socks

·     1 T-shirt or under armor or preferred wear for under your uniform.

·     Pre-game warm up attire and running shoes for off-ice warm up.


Potomac Patriots Expectations


What you can expect from us

·    Coaches who are well prepared and dedicated

·    An overall player and skill development plan for the season

·    Practices that are well designed and constructive, with a plan for each practice

·    Structure, discipline and respect

·    Open communication about the game of hockey

·    Constructive feedback and criticism

·    Assistance in reaching individual academic and hockey-related goals

·    The opportunity to be a better citizen as well as better hockey player by season's end


What we expect from you, the players


·       Listen to coaches and accept their feedback
-   Know thy schedule

·       Be a team player

·       Be prepared and willing to work VERY HARD

·       Support team goals and work to accomplish individual goals

·       Be in the dressing room on time before all games and practices

·       Be ready 10 minutes before ice time for chalk talk or pre-game talk

·       Respect all coaches, officials, players, parents, and fans – EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE!

o    If a penalty is given, you will go directly to the penalty box with no talking

·       No swearing or abusive language will be tolerated
·       No tobacco, or illegal drugs will be tolerated at Patriot events including trips
·       It is your responsibility to have your equipment practice- and game-ready or you don't play or practice
·       All players must attend Patriots events, games, practices, and off-ice and on-ice conditioning sessions
     unless the coaches are notified and have approved the absence

o  Use phone or email if one or more days of advance notice is given

o  Call the coaches on the day of the event

Coaching Staff



Empire Head Coach and GM





CHA Head Coach





CHA Assistant Coach




What we expect from parents

·    If you have an issue, see your son's coach first

o   Just not right before or immediately after a game

o   The 24-hour rule is a common and respectable request

·    Address issues and concerns about the team with the Head Coach

·    Be prepared and willing to have your life disrupted – Junior Hockey requires a major commitment.

·    Support all team activities – both on and off the ice

o   Training

o   Team Building

o   Socials

·    Be prepared and willing to support the team with your time and efforts

·    Encourage your player to seek out information, ask questions, and resolve conflicts

·    Do not compete against your player’s Coach. Show your player the need for rules 
     and discipline. Teach your player how to react positively to criticism. Your player’s 
     coach should be someone he looks up to and wants to play for.

·    Try to be honest about your player’s athletic abilities. You are not living your 
     life through your player. Encourage and guide your player, but do not force 
     him to do what you want.

·    Do not coach your player. Remember your player is not only a hockey player
     but also a young adult. Constant advise, criticism, and pep talks can push 
     your player away from the game.

·    Do not compare your player with other players. This is not fair. Some players 
     develop their hockey skills before or after others. Praise your player and let 
     him know he should work 100% of the time.


Patriots Team Rules


·      Players must call/text (no e-mail) the coach if you will be late or absent from a

·      Calls must be placed at least 24 hours prior to practice. If the lateness or
       absence is due to a family emergency or sudden illness, or other situation
       out of your control, the player must call the coach ASAP

·      Players will arrive 1 hour prior to Ice time OR ready to go for off-ice conditioning

·      Players will attend all practices with all necessary gear (hockey and workout gear)

·      Players will have reviewed practices via the web, if available

·      Players will wear black practice socks and assigned practice jersey

·      Players will wear a mouth guard on the ice AT ALL TIMES


·      Players must call/text (no e-mail) the coach if you will be late or absent from a game

·      Calls must be placed at least 24 hours prior to game time. If the lateness or 
         absence is due to a family emergency or sudden illness, the player must call 
         the coach ASAP

·      Players will arrive for all games 1 hour in advance (with necessary pre-game
         warm-up attire)

·      Players will be dressed 15 minutes before game time and ready for pre-game

·      The dress code is enforced for all games, showcases, and when 
         requested by the coaching staff

·      Equal playing time is not guaranteed – including for goalies

Playing Time

·      Playing time is absolutely not guaranteed

·   Playing time will be determined by one or more of the following:

o   Effort in practice

o   Effort in games

o   On-ice performance

o   On-ice liabilities

o   Attitude

o   Game-time situation

·   All of the above are based solely on the discretion of the coaching staff


·      Players will conduct themselves as gentlemen, sportsmen, and exemplary
          representatives of the Potomac Patriots Organization both on and off the ice
          at home, when visiting another club or rink, or at any Patriots activity.

·      Malicious, retaliatory, or “stupid” penalties will result in loss of playing time
          and or suspension by league or coach.

·      Any episode of physical or verbal abuse between a player and referee or 
          member of an opposing team (player, parent, or fan) will result in disciplinary


Discipline & Control

·     The coaching staff will maintain discipline on and off the ice

·      Practices will be conducted at a high pace to use every minute of ice time.
·      Practice drills will be reviewed via the Patriots web site when available
         as well as explained 10 minutes before ice time

·      Poor discipline will result in skating during practice and sitting during games

·      Mental mistakes on ice will be counseled for correction

·      Repeat mental mistakes or disregard of instruction will result in sitting the 
·      No tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs are tolerated and will result in disciplinary


Facilities & Property

·     Players will respect both home and away facilities and property including locker rooms.
·     Players will obey the rules of both home and away facilities.



The Pre-game Rule and Post-game Rule

Timing is everything.  Speak with any coach about anything that is bothering you – just not right before a game, unless the topic directly relates to the game about to be played, or immediately after a game.   Please use the general rule of waiting for 24 hours to elapse after a game before talking to coaches.



I have read and understand these rules and expectations. I agree to abide by them.



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